What Does It Take to Be a Caduceus Group Leader?

Please do not choose SyMedica Network as your Caduceus facilitation and education program if you want mediocrity.  Please don’t choose SyMedica Network if you have a punitive world view about our colleagues who have made serious mistakes and land in a three to five year participation agreement.

Choose us if you want people to be successful […]

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How to Make Your Caduceus Program More Accessible to All

In 2007 I began treating licensed healthcare professionals who participated in their state’s practitioner health program.  I heard a common complaint, from nurses in particular,

“Bob, it takes me about a four hour commitment to attend a Caduceus group. Being single with two (or even one) children I struggle with paying for the group and a […]

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Giving Impaired Professionals Back Their Lives!

How does a therapist convince a licensed professional such as healthcare professionals or attorneys to “come clean” in a group setting about diversion charges, substance abuse, alcoholism, disruptive and harmful emotional episodes?  You don’t.

As a therapist I just give that professional support, a caring attitude, and unparalleled confidentiality IN A GROUP SETTING.  Yes, in a […]

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